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 Who else wants to get rid of the overwhelm and instead know exactly
what steps to take for your business to be successful?

If you've been working to get traffic to your businessbuild an audiencekeep them coming back for more, and make enough sales for a while now and things aren't happening as fast as you want, then I'd like to help you create a MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH.  Here's the scoop...

I've heard from a lot of online entrepreneurs that are having an especially difficult time building a profitable business these days that allows them the freedom to work when they want, where they want, and with who they want.  After hearing about so many people's struggles, I decided to do something about it...

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Book a FREE 30-minute consultation call with Phil today to see if we are a good fit and how I can help you with your business.  My goal is that you will take something from this call that will help transform your business.

UPDATE:  Due to high demand, we'd like for you to answer a few questions for Phil ahead of time to keep the call to the 30 minutes and make sure you get the most from it.  Look forward to speaking with you soon!

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Learn more or purchase

Most of my clients do a blend of DIY, DWY, and DFY

What this means for you is that you can allocate the time you purchase as you wish. 


DIY (Do It Yourself) For my clients using Kajabi who want to learn more about the platform and like to handle some things on their own, I offer a monthly membership (currently called Kajabi Made Simple) that introduces new lessons every month along with office hours twice a month and a community to build partnerships, become each other clients, ask for help, and more.

DWY (Done With You)  Many clients want more interaction with a live person to learn.  Whether you simply run into a problem or need something quickly fixed, many like to use their time asking to be shown how to do a specific task they need to know how to do or have tried but ran into a problem.

DFY (Done For You)  This may be along the lines of needing a little HTML code adjusted on a page and you really have no interest in learning how HTML works, or something similar.  It may be that you'd love to learn how to do this task, but your are really in a time crunch and just need it fixed as soon as possible.


You decide what you need in each moment with the time you have purchased.  It is my job to deliver as much value as possible for each hour you have paid for.

Please reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any questions.