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Business is hard enough,

your platform shouldn't be! 


 Kajabi is a powerful all-in-one platform for courses, coaches, podcasts, blogging, and more.  

With so many features and possibilities (which is great for your business) it can also feel overwhelming at times.


We've got you covered with our Kajabi Made Simple membership

 where we break it all down with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions

so you can focus on your business and not lose days wrestling with your website. 

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FREE Course     Stage 1: Open For Business

Your first 10 clients

In This Course You'll Learn...

  • The importance of Purpose, People, and Passion in your business
  • The path to a 6-figure business
  • Designing and setting up your Home page
  • Setting up a Resource page for additional income 
  • Setting up your Work With Me page
  • Creating an offer and setting up your Store page
  • Networking to quickly get your first 10 clients
  • Creating and setting up your lead magnet
  • AND What's next? 
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